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    irm Happy sunday everyone!

    Today I have uploaded some more images for my collection. Just need to finished taking the last images for the rest of the pages in there (still feels like a lot though)

    Other than that I have done alot of prep work for makes profiles on allies, villians , boys and places. Just making the pages and making the right links between. Still a whole bunch of content to be written but it is a start 🙂

    The holiday will be over tomorrow so we will have to see how much work I can put into the site next week. I would like to finish up my collection in the coming week.

    I have gotten in contact with a couple of very sweet fans from Russia and we are going to trade some items – so my collection will be growing soon 😀 cannot wait to show it to you.


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  • Holiday

    IrmaHi everyone 🙂

    Some things has happened since last time I wrote. I have holiday right now so I have gotten some things done on the site while playing GTA V.

    Here are the updates:
    – A new CD is online with all lyrics here
    – Profiles on Cedric and Peter Cook is online aswell
    – Glossary has been updated a little
    – Better picture scans for Read your heartline
    – Scans of all the cards in the Lenticolari collection has been added
    MCDonalds 2006 comic scans
    – More pin-ups
    – Started updating picture on my collection

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  • A good day!

    Elyon02Hi there people 😀

    So today was a very good day when it comes to this site. I was home alone all day so I played a load of Fallout Shelter and watched like 13 episodes of Vampire Diaries while I did work here.

    I have gotten the last of the lyrics up on the Witch soundtrack here.

    I started a new page for the different Witch dolls. Still a lot I need to get pictures of so I will have to update it as I get a hold of them.

    And then I got to do some work on more Witch books. I have gotten all 26 english novelizations online here.

    Tomorrow I should have a couple of hours to do some more work where I hope to get some more character profiles online.


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  • Hello everyone! :D

    Irma_03So this is my new site. For those of you following me from the old one thanks for the support! 🙂 To all you new ones, a warm welcome.

    I decided to pay for a domain and therefore upgrading to wordpress.org to get more features. Plus I’m starting a multimedia education. Hope to test some stuff out here with you.

    If any of you have any request on stuff you would like to see please let me know! 🙂

    Right now I’m working on song lyrics from the W.i.t.c.h. soundtrack and a Witch edition of the famous personality test MBTI. And I’m still trying to get use to the new page so I’m sorry for any small mistakes in the layout.