Daniela responded to my request!

A few days ago I wrote an email to Daniela Vetro in the dead of night.
Many years ago I was looking for all pictures in a beautilful series with the Witch girls made by Daniela. Unfortunatly the one with Irma was no where to be found!

I asked Daniela if she never got around to finish it, the morning after she replied “The answer is on my blog”.
Now we can see them all!

You can see her post here:


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  1. Teca says: Reply

    OMG Kamilla I love you! I’m dying to see this image for years, years! Ah, finally I can see my baby Irma. Thank you very very much.

    1. KDOriginal says: Reply

      Happy to help! 😀 I’m glad we finally see the entire series!

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