Witch is back in Italy!

Hi everybody!

I have been busy with school for some time now, and haven’t had time for the site :/ Sorry. I have uploaded a few extra books and have scans ready for more international ones.

It is official now that Witch will make a small comeback in Italy next month. PaniniComics will publish a reprint of the first issues in one huge volume to celebrate the 15 year anniversary. The cover was announced today!

The book will be in Italian and will come out in the 10th of March. It is still a little unknown if it will be a limited edition. But the page count is just under 400! This should be room for 6 comics and a few pages for extra stuff. There may be a volume 2 in the making aswell! Cannot wait to get my hands on this baby!

If the sales go well who know maybe they will bring Witch back for a longer period!

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