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  • Making graphics for the forum

    Some of you Italian fans might already have seen it but for the rest of you, I have appiled to be part of the Witch Italy team!
    They gave me the task of making the new halloween banner, if approved I will become a graphic deigner there. I’m super excited about the opportunity!
    I’m still waiting on the judgement of my work but the banner is up on the site right now!

    If you’re not a member go check the forum out, no matter if you’re italian or not everyone is welcome 😀



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  • Daniela responded to my request!

    A few days ago I wrote an email to Daniela Vetro in the dead of night.
    Many years ago I was looking for all pictures in a beautilful series with the Witch girls made by Daniela. Unfortunatly the one with Irma was no where to be found!

    I asked Daniela if she never got around to finish it, the morning after she replied “The answer is on my blog”.
    Now we can see them all!

    You can see her post here:


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  • Daniela Vetro now does commissions! :)

    I know I’m a bit late but on Daniela Vetros  blog she has announced that she will be doing commissions with her work 🙂

    Right now I have some of her drawings and is getting a post ready to show them to you. Daniela used one of them to announce the news. The Orube drawing is hanging in my homw right now!
    Daniela is a very wonderful person, very proffesional and understanding. Her correspondance has been flawless! I’m going to order more from her soon for sure!

    You can see her post here:

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  • And the winner is…

    @xlaurelxx!! 🙂
    Congrats to the winner and a happy birthday!! Had a not of fun making the giveaway. I’m considering making another for christmas this year 🙂
    Thanks to all the participants and for all their wonderful pictures/stories

    Here is the winning image:

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  • I’m back!

    Hi everyone 🙂

    Sorry for the long absence life have been a little hectic lately with school and other stuff. I’m working on getting the second omnibus translated and edited so all you who don’t read Italian can get a little Witch in your life.
    I’m going on a one week vacation soon where I’m bringing some comics so I can get more posted on the site 🙂

    More stuff to come!


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  • Translations :D

    Hi everyone! 😀

    Just finished translating the the extras in the new omnibus! You can find the new book here.
    I hope you enjoy. I had a good deal of fun translating the pages and I’m sure I’ll be doing the next book as well.
    There are some fun facts about the series and characters we did not know before and some nice never before seen art!! 😀

    Better get back to my school project now